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Judicial ADR Group offers you a panel of arbitrators comprised entirely of former and retired MISSOURI JUDGES.  We provide this service with a low, flat administrative fee of $350.  All the arbitrators are committed to enforcing Missouri and Federal law. 

We offer four ways to utilize our arbitration service:

—You may directly request the services of Judge Sweeney without a filing fee.
—You may request an arbitrator.
  We will randomly select one from our group of retired and former Missouri Judges.
  may request a panel of three arbitrators.  We will randomly select three.
—You may request a strike panel of five or seven arbitrators.
  With a strike panel, the parties alternate making strikes from the panel until one (or three, if that is your choice) is left.

We recommend the seven arbitrator strike panel, since it gives you the most control over your eventual selection.  Our web site will allow you to print or download the application, or you can call us and we will take your information and complete it.

Fee Structure

The arbitration filing fee is $350. The name of an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators, along with their resume(s)s, will be sent to you and scheduling will proceed upon receipt of the filing fee. The arbitrators' hourly rates will be disclosed in advance and and include preparation, conducting the hearing, receiving the facts of law, and rendering award, plus the cost of copies, record retrieval, and telephone expenses. The Arbitrator charges for his/her time in minimum quarter-hour units. An itemized statement of time expended will be provided. In addition to the fees, the parties agree to pay costs and expenses incurred in performing arbitration services, such as costs fixed by law, long distance charges, messenger and delivery fees, postage, photocopying, fax transmissions, mileage, reasonable travel expenses, fees for investigators, fees for expert witnesses, secretarial and clerical fees, and similar charges. Payment in full of the balance due is expected within ten (10) days of your receipt of the monthly statement unless special arrangements have been made. Interest will be charged at the rate of 1% per month (12% per annum) on any balances great than 30 days old. The balance will be paid in full before the draft of the decision is delivered to you or your attorneys. JAG will be entitled to a reasonable attorney’s fee and costs, if a legal action is necessary to procure payment of an unpaid bill.

JAG Arbitration Form

Meeting Space Arrangements

If you wish to make arrangements for venue, let us know that when our office contacts you. If you want JAG to make arrangements for the venue for the arbitration, we will be happy to do that for a nominal fee, plus the cost of the venue and catering.